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such as acoustic treatments aesthetic  enhancements and lighting reduction.
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Theater drapes and stage curtains are large pieces of cloth that are designed to mask backstage areas of a theater from spectators. They are designed for a variety of specific purposes and come in several types; many are made from black or other dark colored, light-absorbing material, and heavyweight velour is the current industry standard for these.

Theater drapes represent a portion of any production’s soft goods, a category which includes any cloth-based element of the stage or scenery (though not including cloth theater costumes or wardrobe).

Proscenium stages use a greater variety of drapes than arena or thrust stages. In proscenium theaters, drapes are typically suspended from battens that are controlled by a fly system (i.e., they are “flown”, in theater terminology).

When a drape is flown, the task of adjusting its height for best masking effect is simplified and, in the case of a drape that must be moved during a performance, this enables the drape to be quickly raised above the proscenium arch—thus positioning it out of view of spectators—or lowered to any arbitrary height above the stage, as required.

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With over 20 years’ experience in the stage engineering and performance systems sector we not only have the required skills to design, supply and install a wide range of equipment and finishes but also have the expertise to analyse, test and upgrade all structures, fixtures and fitting in any application.

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Testing and Inspection: We offer pre and post install safety inspections of any stage and performance equipment in particular overhead suspended equipment. Load testing and certification working to LOLER and LEEA guidelines and insurance stipulations.

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We can design, consult and tailor the requirements of any venue requiring, staging, track and drape systems, powered and manual flying, scenery fittings and projection screens, stage lifts, acoustic treatments and window blind systems for bot dim out and blackout for any venue.

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    From start to finish, we will offer you technical support on all aspects of theatre and performance products


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