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Stage Technology

Our Stage Engineering Services cover everything from Inspection & Stage Design through to Fabrication and Installation. We work closely with you through the whole process to ensure each project is a success.

More details of our full range of services is below. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team, contact us.

Unlimited possibilities
Our Products
A range of hoist equipment including Pilewinds, Manual / drill driven winches, Chain hoists, Counterweight sets and Hemp Sets included our clewed system
In addition to our custom lift systems we can supply, install and maintain Rigid Chain technology systems, Hydraulic lifts or Manual / drill driven tables.
Acoustic Systems
Our acoustic range includes Roller Banners, Concertina Banner systems, Absorbent Duvets and Shaped Reflectors
Control Systems
Our team can design and manufacture control systems for any stage automation with touch screen technology.
Stage Rigging Accessories
From trussing, clamps, rigging accessories and load points to bespoke fabrication for dedicated loads - we are able to design and build to suit.
Curtains & Drapes
Triple E systems to Hall Stage Systems, we can design and build custom fit-outs to suit a variety of stage sizes and requirements.
Staging & Rostra
Fabrication of all kinds of staging and rostra equipment.
Fully experience design agency
Bringing vision to life through engineering